Your Wellness Check List!

As I get a little older--and hopefully wiser, I've learned that wellness is so much more than food and fitness! To me, wellness includes creating healthy relationships, managing the ebbs and flows of life without going into major stress mode, and having a healthy mindset. Check out the check list I created to live a wellness centered lifestyle. Do you find one or more of these things resonate with you?

Food as Fuel

I hydrate daily with adequate filtered water and limit or avoid intake of sugar sweetened, artificially sweetened, or alcoholic beverages.

I have a healthy balance of QUALITY carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that support my activity level.

I rarely purchase poor quality products that provide no nutritional value. I save my treats for special occasions, and/or portion them appropriately and eat them sparingly.

I meal plan for my family so we eat for balance and health, we eat more vegetables, and we limit meals away from home (this saves on our food budget too!)

I do not consume high sugar items daily (juice, soda, cake, cookies, pastries, candy, donuts, etc).

I have a healthy relationship with food and I do not feel guilty when I make poor choices. I understand the journey will never be perfect, and there is always time to get back on track.

I practice mindful eating--especially when times are tough!

Fitness (medically cleared)

I strength train 2-3 days of the week using all my major muscle groups to maintain lean muscle mass, keep my metabolism running strong, and support healthy bones.

I do aerobic exercises that raise my heart rate most days of the week.

I avoid prolonged periods of sitting by stretching at regular intervals and going for short walks, especially after an hour.

I incorporate yoga or stretching weekly to maintain/improve my flexibility.

I change my fitness routine regularly to avoid muscle memory and boredom.


I am surrounded by people who love me and want the best for me.

I surround myself with positive, encouraging people, and let go of those who aren't.

I make an effort to be a good friend and support those in need around me.

I date my significant other and support his/her dreams even if they aren't the same as mine. If I am single, I make an effort to create healthy relationships that support my mental health.

Stress Management

I understand that stress is a normal part of life. There will always be ebbs and flows. I choose how I deal with the ebbs and always rejoice in the flows!

I recognize my own stressors and have found strategies to stay strong through them.

I do not take my stress out on others. When I do so, I take responsibility for my actions and apologize.

I do not take my stress out on food. When I do so, I step out of the kitchen and find a healthy distraction.

Money Mindset

I have a healthy relationship with money.

I do not allow money to control my relationships with others.

I save and spend my money wisely.

I pay my tithing and trust in our Heavenly Father to make up the rest when I am in need. If this is not a part of your faith, perhaps you can donate a small portion of your income to someone who needs the money more than you do.


I take time to love and appreciate nature.

I pray or meditate daily.

I acknowledge that my time here on Earth is short. It is a time to make mistakes, learn, and grow and become the best version of myself. "I am a spiritual being having a human experience."

Time Management

I do not put more on my "plate" than feels mentally healthy for me to do so.

I take things off my "plate" when I need to. It is ok to say "no".

I keep a schedule that allows me to make self-care a priority--especially SLEEP. Fitness is part of my day--even if that means a 10 minute walk after dinner.

I use my time for things that support my growth, happiness, household, and/or family. I let go of the rest.


I have a job that makes me feel fulfilled. I contribute to society as a whole.

I have a job that doesn't create a stress that I can't manage.

I acknowledge when I am no longer challenged in my career, and need to make a change that supports my personal and professional growth.


If I wouldn't say it out loud to someone else, I don't say it about myself.

I love and appreciate my body for what it does each day. I do not take it for granted.

I give myself some time each day or week to reflect and be by myself.

I journal my thoughts and keep them positive.

I re-frame negative self talk.

I use my talents and skills.

Bottom line: If you feel constantly stressed, struggle to make time for fitness, rely too much on fast foods, are stuck in an unhealthy relationship, or a job that doesn't spark joy for you...are you living your best life?! Something to think about....

Marian McCormick RDN, CPT, CLT is a Dietitian and Women's Fitness Professional who specializes in weight loss, fitness, and food and chemical sensitivities. She is passionate about all things food, faith, fitness, and family! Check her out on Facebook as "The Fit Dietitian" for recipes, motivation, and workouts!

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