These programs are designed for women who are currently running 8-10 miles a week.  


Each program includes 3 running days + 2-3 strength training days to prevent/correct muscle imbalances and improve flexibility.


The 12 week half marathon training schedule works up to 10 total miles and tapers for 2 weeks. 


The 16 week full marathon training schedule works up to 20 total miles and tapers for 3 weeks.  You can do 2 strength days or 3 strength training days.


Always listen to your body, and make adjustments as needed.  Wear good quality shoes, and replace them often.  Stay hydrated and safe out there!  If you run for longer than 1 hour (about 6 miles), you may need more electrolytes and additional carbohydrate to support your training--especially in challenging conditions and extreme temperatures.  


Feel free to schedule some "wellness miles" that make your heart happy and have no regard for time, distance, or speed!


Happy running!



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