This 21 day Program includes:


*Essentials of Nutrition and Weight Management Powerpoint LIVE via Zoom--how to FUEL and MOVE to lose inches! Outlines mutiple weight loss stratergies and how to use macronutrients to eat well and lose weight!  No diets or calorie counting!


*3 weeks of menus with recipes and grocery lists that provide 40% carbohydrate, quality fat, and 80 grams protein!  Includes allergy/intolerance friendly recipes!


*FOUR 1 month fitness programs including fitness calendar, fitness test, and sample meal plans.  PLUS--BONUS CORE REHAB program for those who are postnatal, beginners, and/or have diastasis recti.  


*The NEW Nutrition Label 2020 PowerPoint LIVE via ZOOM--how to be a smart consumer! 


*Essential WELLNESS CONCEPTS LIVE POWERPOINT, including mindset shifts, meditation, sleep, and more!


*How to exercise during and after PREGNANCY LIVE POWERPOINT presentation.  The ACOG guidelines for safe, effective weight management and fitness training during preganancy, and retraining the CORE after delivery!


*How to eat away from home LIVE POWERPOINT presentation!  Includes restaurant suggestions to keep calories in check for weight loss while still enjoying meals away from home!  


BONUS--3 blog posts on hot topics!

*Intermittent Fasting

*How to Exercise for Weight Loss

*How to Eat Like An Athlete


LOSE INCHES, get fit, and eat for HEALTH in 21 DAYS! Take $100 OFF the program until JUNE 15, 2020!


"McCormick Nutrition and Fitness is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an approved continuing education provider."  NASM CEU = 1.9 credits


Money back guarantee!  If you are not happy with the program, you will receive a full refund within 7 days of purchase.  REFUNDS ARE NOT APPLICAPLE AFTER RECEIVING THE CEU CERTIFICATE.  




Essentials of Nutrition and Weight Management--1.9 CEU's!

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