"I live a very healthy lifestyle.  I exercise.  I eat right, but I still didn't feel WELL.  I struggled with chronic yeast infections, acne, and fatigue by 3 PM, which I thought was just "par for the course" running a family of 6. 


It wasn't.  


My husband was shocked when I woke up BEFORE my alarm clock for the first time in 10 years of marriage.  My skin cleared up.  I no longer struggled with fatigue by the end of the day, and best of all--NO MORE yeast infections.


There are plenty of protocols for yeast overgrowth.  Most conflict each other and are too restrictive.  This protocol was exactly what I needed to identify the foods that DID and DID NOT work with MY immune system.  


I love MRT/LEAP, and would recommend it to anyone who struggles with chronic unexplained symptoms!   Game changer!"


--MRT/LEAP in the absence of celiac disease!


"I am so happy with the results I have seen with MRT/LEAP.  For almost 30 years I haven't been able to put my finger on exactly what was causing my IBS.  Finally I know what foods make me feel energized and healthy.  I am in control of how I feel by knowing which foods my body likes/doesn't like." 


--MRT/LEAP client with IBS and chronic unexplained itching for 20+ years

The Mediator Release Blood Test (MRT)

identifies YOUR immune system response to 20 CHEMICALS and 150 FOODS. 


Using the blood test, the Dietitian uses an elimination and reintroduction protocol (LEAP--lifestyle eating and performance) to create the most immune system calming meal plan for the INDIVIDUAL.   Most patients see a 50-75% reduction in symptoms at 10 days.  






MRT/LEAP is a 30-day program designed to decrease inflammation, which can help treat:







*Skin conditions

*Much more! 


 "I'm so happy to have solved the palpitations problem.  Especially since my doctor was so sure it was just anxiety.  It was so scary knowing that inflammation was affecting my heart.  I am so glad I did the protocol.  It's definitely a life changer.  I have recommended it to several people at work.  I tell them that their health has no price tag, but I wish everyone was able to do this.  Thanks so much!"


--Client with IBS, who was surprised to find MRT/LEAP resolved her medically unexplained heart palpitations.




"Knowing what my body is reactive to so I can stay away from it has helped me SO much. I have reduced my symptoms by about 96%. That is huge! I haven't felt this good in years. Pretty much since I was diagnosed. It has been a lot of work to plan and cook but it has been well worth it. I have a life outside of the bathroom because I had this testing done and have been strict about my diet." --Client with UC treated with MRT/LEAP


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