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Hi I'm Marian!  I started my personal journey into wellness with a fad diet that negatively impacted my health.  That was the catalyst to my degree in NUTRITION, and what drives my passion to share safe, effective strategies to help my clients step away from diets and learn how to eat WELL.  



After the birth of my second son, Austin, I had 50# to lose.  None of my clothes fit anymore, and my self-esteem was low.  As a Dietitian, I knew what it took to lose the weight.  It was then--8 years into my professional--that I truly started living what I had been taught.  


I was ready to change!


Fitness has been a big part of my life since my teens, but it was always sporadic and inconsistent.  When I finally found something I loved--it clicked--in fact, I felt more alive than I ever did.  There was only one problem.  I was exercising all wrong, and I didn't know it.  When my doctor diagnosed me with an abdominal separation (diastasis recti--a condition where the "6 pack" muscle separates), I took a deeper dive into women's fitness and learned how to train my post-pregnancy body the right way. 


For me,


A quality fitness program + taking responsibility for my nutrition = weight loss success!  I've personally lost 40#, 50#, 30#, and 40# after each of my pregnancies, and kept it off for the past 4 years after the birth of our youngest son Avery.


If someone with a major sweet tooth and love of pizza can find success in the journey, so can you! 


In wellness,

Marian McCormick

Dietitian, Fitness Professional, and lover of food, faith, and fitness!




*Adult weight management

*Pre and postnatal fitness

*High-Intensity Interval Training/INSANITY workouts

*Kettlebell workouts

*Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) nutrition--identifying food and chemical triggers for IBS, migraine, skin conditions, and more!



How did you get into the field of nutrition?


When I was a teen, I fell into a fad diet.  At the time, low fat diets were popular, and I took it to such an extreme that my reproductive hormones were affected.  After the doctor told me I may not be able to have children, I quickly got back on board with a full fat diet, and that was the catalyst to my degree in nutrition.  It was either that, or become a mechanic.  LOL.  True story.


What fascinates you about the field of nutrition?


I continue to be amazed that people latch on so strongly to the changing fads in the field of nutrition.  It has been interesting to see marketing labels change over the years as they meet the demands of consumers.  “Cholestrol free” “fat free” “net carb” “trans fat free”  I had to laugh this past Halloween when a friend posted a picture of a treat that was “all natural”—it was a candy designed to taste like a donut! 


How are you different from other practitioners?


A friend of mine went to a presentation done by a fellow Dietitian.  This friend was trying to find foods to feed her family who was diagnosed with celiac disease (a gluten free diet).  She complained, “she wasn’t very helpful giving suggestions for alternatives to gluten.”  My reply was, “that is because she doesn’t live it.”  I never teach classes or principles that I don't live myself.  I live a healthy lifestyle full of sleep, meal planning, balance, and a good quality exercise program.  I live it, but I’m very real about it.  I struggle with eating too much pizza and chocolate just like anyone else.


In 17 years of practice, what have you learned?


My nutrition approach today is very different from my approach early in my career.  While I’ve always known, there is no magic pill or supplement to lose weight, I’ve gained a greater testimony that there is no “one size fits all” diet or meal plan.  You have to meet the client where they are at.  If my client eats away from home most of the time, then I’m NOT going to hand out a bunch of recipes that will never be made (at least not at this point in his/her journey).  I’m going to teach that client how to read nutrition information, and make smarter choices away from home.  Nutrition/wellness/fitness is 100% about the client’s willingness to CHANGE.  I’ve learned that in my own journey, and in 17 years of practice.  One thing that hasn’t changed?  I continue to be a full-fat supporter of whole foods first in a combination that works for the individual’s activity level, food preferences, and medical history.  I continue to have faith in the fact that nutrition/fitness/wellness has great power to heal at so many levels. 




"MRT/LEAP is a game changer.  I'm so glad I tried the program."


"So glad I found ya!"  




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